Rookie brewing irish red ale questions

ok so i brewed my first batch of beer and there have been lessons learned first off i ordered a couple beer and yeasts while i was getting everything ready i boiled the beer up its the extract kit i got a og of 1.90 i aerated the batch and pitched yeast well 48 hours goes by no signs of fermentation nothing then i realized i pitch the yeast for my irish stout rookie i know so now i pitched the right yeast for it and it is fermenting away my question is is this batch ruined should i toss it and start a new batch or ride it out and try it

if you’re worried b/c you didn’t see activity until 48 hours later but now you see vigorous yeast activity, you’re fine. probably.

Always let it finish up, even if you think it’s going to be terrible. You just may learn something about the brewing/fermenting process along the way.

It took a couple reads, but I’m guessing you’re worried because you didn’t pitch the yeast until 48 hours after brewing it? There is definitely the possibility of contamination from a wild yeast or bacteria, but I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. Let it finish fermenting out, give it a couple more days before packaging & don’t let it sit around too long (usually not an issue with a first batch). A wild yeast may have a flavor impact, but it’ll take a while for any bacteria to grab hold of it. The best thing you can do is to take lots of notes during the process. You can’t brew great beer without really screwing up a few batches & learning from them.

sorry let me refraise it after i cooked it i put it in the fermenter and pitched the yeast but i pitched the w yeast for my irish stout ale i waited 48 hours and there was no activity then realizing i pitched the wrong yeast i pitched the w yeast for the red ale now the fermentation is going good im wondering if pitching the two yeasts will have a negative effect on the beer but reading the comments it makes sense i will have to ride this wave and find out the ending effect well if i struck gold i will be sure to tell you guys lol

It’s OK with the other yeast.

The beer doesn’t know the difference in the yeast you should be fine. I’m wondering about your OG reading. Even if you meant 1.09 that seems very high for an Irish Red. What did you use to measure gravity?

Someone buy this fella a “.” and a shift key for his key board so we can read his post. :roll:

yea sorry bout the punctuation. i was in a hurry the hydrometer reading was actually 1.08 that was a typo.well the fermentation is going well i think it def smells good cant wait to try it and find out if it was skunked.

Interesting, mine started fermenting 5 hours after I pitched the yeast while the beer was sitting at 70 degrees. I had dry yeast though and i rehydrated it before I pitched it, maybe its the different kind of yeast you are using.