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Rogue Blackened Brutal Bitter which yeast?

I am ready to brew the All grain version of this kit. I do not have the Pac Man yeast, but these are my choices for yeast:
American Ale II
British Cask
Irish Ale
Scottish Ale

I am leaning towards the American ale II, as it is a yeast cake ready to go and closest to the suggested American Ale (I), the rest would need a starter.

Or should I really try to track down a Pac Man yeast?
Thanks for any guidance

AA II will make a great beer. You could mash on the low side (or sube in some sugar) to get a little more attenuation to better match Pacman.

05 is the closest to Pacman of all the ones on your list

I’ve just had great luck with Nottingham dry yeast at 59 degrees… Super clean lager like ferment with zero esters and it attenuated like an animal. Pacman at 60 would have similar descriptions as I understand it.

Nottingham is much tarter and fruitier than Pacman. Your choice.

I should have said this in my first post… I have zero experience with pacman, just Nottingham at 59f that tastes super clean to me. I’ll default to Denny though, as I’m sure he’s used both on numerous batches… Hell I just did my second batch sparge, and other than extract brewing, it’s been the only method that has let me consistently hit my volumes and target OG. Not to thread jack, but thanks for the website Denny, I feared I was going to blow up servers if I re-read that page anymore.

If you really want to use dry yeast on that recipe, I recommend US-05.

I signaled left to turn right. Ended up reusing the yeast cake of the 1272, it was too easy. Actually took longer to begin that I thought. But it went strong after, and filled the air lock bubbler. Cleaned it out and let it keep going. Thanks so much for the insight. Looking forward to tasting this one.
I kept the 05 to fight for me on another day.

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