Roggenbier IPL?

Good afternoon. I recently won an 8oz package of experimental hops at a homebrew competition. They are a super alpha variety with 18-20% alpha and 5% beta. They are described as follows.

HBC 682 is a super alpha hop cultivar with a very mild and pleasant aroma, high yield with a very high alpha content, good storage, and good resistance to hop powdery and downy mildew. The mother of HBC 682 is a breeding line of the HBC with similar characteristics. These valuable characteristics come to the mother by way of her father who is a fine “English gentleman” from the breeding program at Wye College in Kent, England.

USA1The aroma profile of the hop cone is described as Herbal, Earthy, and Floral. A single hopped beer made with HBC 682 was described as having a strong Earthy aroma. When used as a bittering hop HBC 682 provides a very neutral flavor to beer, and a pleasant bitterness.

Herbal and earthy hops work well with rye malts. A rye IPA is the obvious choice here, but I am tempted to have a little fun and bend a few styles together. How about a roggienbier IIPA hybrid? Here is the recipe I am thinking about brewing.

8 lbs rye malt
8 lbs Vienna malt
2 lbs munich malt
1.5 lbs caravienne
1 lbs rice hulls
2 oz carafa III

Triple decoction mash with protien, alpha and beta rests. Boil for 90 minutes

2.5 oz for 60 minutes
1.5 oz for 10 minutes
1.5 oz for 0 minutes
2 oz for dryhop

Ferment with 2308 Munich Lager yeast.

This will, in theory give an OG of 1.100, 125 IBUs, 22SRM, and 9.8% alcohol.


Seems like a big big beer, but I like the idea and recipe looks good other than 1.5# of caravienna, which I would decrease to 5% of grain bill, maximum. I think otherwise it would drown out the flavor of the rye. I would actually bump the rye to around 60% of the grain bill if you really want to taste it in a beer this big.

When I think roggenbier, I think of a hefe yeast character, kind of like a lighter abv weizenbock. We made one once as a starter for a 1/2 bbl weizenbock, and I really liked it (and I’m not a particular fan of the banana/clove character). Rogue made a beer similar to yours, more hop forward, but I didn’t personally care for it. Note that I do not care for 98% of Rogue’s beers :grin:

If you are fermenting this with a lager yeast at lager temps, you will need a lot of yeast.