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Roggebier Yeast help

Hey guys, making up a roggenbier recipe and am wondering about a yeast to use. BeerSmith has a profile for a Safale WB-06, but I can’t seem to find anything on the forum about it. Wondering if it throws enough esters and phenols to cut through through the huge amount of rye, 52% of my total grain bill. I can ferment pretty warm if I need to.

I am building my stirplate, so that is why am I hoping to find a dry yeast option. My OG is estimated at 1.052, so I would need 4 Wyeast packs, or 2 packs of dry for a 10 gal batch. I do not have a lot of experience with wheat yeast strains sticking mostly to barley based ale beers until now.

thanks for the help!

Shouldn’t be any different actually. They all ferment the same. Just make sure you mash it well.

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