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Roeselare fermentation, Should I secondary?

Hi All,

I am fermenting my first sour beer, the oud bruin kit from NB, with Roeselare smack pack. I have been getting conflicting information about whether or not to secondary. As of now my primary has been going for three months, there is a significant amount of sourness, but I could do with some more. First off, should I be concerned about autolysis with this culture? or can I just let it ride? The kit instructions say to let it age for 2-3 years, should I do the bulk of this in bottles or a secondary carboy?

any advice is appreciated.

Wild Brews recommends transferring flanders red/brown off the yeast cake for secondary, but keeping lambics on the yeast cake throughout. That being said, I do my transferring based on whims and availability of kegs/need for carboys. No real science to my decisions I just go with the flow. There are so many other factors and variables that go into producing sour beers that (in my opinion) this particular issue is not that significant and won’t make a big impact one way or the other.

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