Robust Rye Porter Recipe

Northern Brewer’s Rebel Rye Porter is a fun idea, but I want to take it a bit further. Does anyone have any thoughts on the following recipe?

8 lbs 2 Row
2 lbs dark munich
2 lbs rye malt
1 lbs flaked rye
12 oz caramel rye
8 oz chocolate rye
8 oz Special B
2 oz black malt (debittered?)

1469 West Yorkshire yeast?

I am a bit lost on the flavor and aroma hops, but I plan on bittering with 1 oz of Galena.

Mash at a high temp around 156 and boil for 90 minutes for pot caramelization?

Aged on rye soaked oak cubes.

Your thoughts would be appreciated!

Pushing up the Rye huh? I’d be interested to hear what you end up doing with regard to hops. I like the idea of this recipe too have you looked at it on hopville or something? The original hops bill has a pretty high IBU. Anyone brewed it? I’d be interested to hear how hoppy it is.