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RIS using Denny's yeast

I recently brewed a RIS using Wyeast Denny’s Favorite 50. I mashed at 152 and fermented for 4 weeks before secondary. Initial gravity was 1.104 and final gravity is 1.032. That is an apparent attenuation of 69%. It tastes pretty good, but that seems quite high. Should I dump some US-05 in there to try to bring it down more?

ETA: I have brewed a very similar recipe before using 1056 and it finished at 1.024

I just brewed a Rootin’ Tootin RIS this weekend. I used Dennys 50. I started out at 1.088. We will see if mine attenuates well. Right now it is doing its best to crawl outta the fermentor (and the fermentor is being manitained at 64-65 degrees).


Which generation was your 1450? My experience has mirrored that of others, that it can be slow to attenuate for the first gen or two. All of my beers have finished well with it, but some needed more coaxing than others, and I’ve never pitched it into a big beer. Keep rousing that bad boy, a couple times a day and see what happens. And enjoy your samples!

I’m glad you mentioned that about the generations affecting attenuation. This is a second gen yeast. The first gen was a light wheat ale that I turned into a Cherry wheat ale at bottling. I noticed that its FG was not as low as I usually had been acheiving with an american ale yeast I had been using. I just marked it up to the different type. I will start swirling that RIS tonight though after hearing this. The krausin (or however the heck u spell that germean term) fell last night - after raging just up into the blow off tube for 2 days. I love watching a big beer try to crawl out of the bottle!

Hmmmmm…I just got 80% attenuation from a first gen 1450 pitch.

treeboy, give it time and it should drop a few more points IMO.

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