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RIS at 40

I am a new brewer and this beer probably should have waited a while before I brewed something like this but hoping for some good advice that can possibly help me or ease my mind about it.

Here’s the Beer:

20lb Irish Stout Malt
1lb Crystal Rye Malt
1lb Chocolate Malt
1lb Crisp Dark Crystal Malt
1lb Castle Special B Malt

5oz Columbus (60 Min)

Triple Decoction Mash
60 Min Boil

1728 - Scottish Ale (Huge Starter)
OG: 1.115

It fermented around 65-68 degrees and went strong for more than week and could hear it bubbling for almost another 2 weeks. It has been in the primary for a month and a half now and holding at 1.040. Any thoughts, suggestions vs trying to get the gravity lower or transferring to a keg and letting it age?


What did you use to measure the gravity? Hydro or refract?

1.115 to 1.040 sounds like you’re done. I’ve had them stick higher than that before and the beer turned out great. It will be full bodied like there’s a pork chop in every bottle. Taste it and see what you think. Then do some long term aging. I’d recommend carbing in a keg and then when it’s right, bottle and age for a few years.

Refract. I’ve been using to do the math for me.

A few years? That is at room temp probably? I was wanting to put it in some one liter Grolsch style bottles after carbed. They have the plastic caps and not ceramic so was wondering about longevity with them. Maybe safer to just put them in some of the 14 million 12oz bottles I have on hand and cap them off.

I likes my pork chops but doubt I will stay out of them for years plural…

Well if you can’t stay out of them, then you need to make more now. I still have a good majority of my 2010 big beers. Probably because I made close to 600 gallons that year.

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