RIMS tube

Hey everyone!

I am trying to build a RIMS tube. I think I am going to use the setup from stainless brewing.com. My question has to do with the Temperature sensor. Can I use one of the Johnson Controls A419 to turn the element on and off?

Any other suggestions or wisdom to share about RIMS tubes?

Thanks in advance!

The 419 controller could work for a short while, but it can’t take the amount of switching and the current. You would be better off aiming for a PID, SSR, and temp sensing element.

By the way, I love my Brewers Hardware RIMS tube.

Thanks for the reply! I was wondering about whether or not those would be issues. Could you suggest a setup? Or recommend a write up on how to economically get a PID or SSR set up?

The Auber 2352 controller is nice. I use 2 of those in my system. You will have to pick up a SSR that is suited to your current draw.

+1 on the brewers hardware tube. I have one and it is great. I also have their cam and groove couplers.

I’ve been using a johnson A419 with mine for many years now, and have had no problems.