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Rice use as a extra malt

Been thinking. About using rice as a extra malt. For example. Polar beer. Has been brewed with rice. So if add a extra pound of rice to the mash process. Do i need to boil the rice first .than add them to my mash tun. And do i use white rice. Or grain rice. I know rice contain suggar just a thought

I think Budweiser and similar beer uses rice. Won’t get malt flavor

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You can use rice as an adjunct. For actual rice you’ll want to read up on cereal mashes. There is also flaked rice and rice extract, which isn’t near as involved. I’m guessing though that you are probably asking because rice can be sourced locally.

Rice lightens up the body and color. It can also dry out the beer a little so plan accordingly.

Yes that is the idea. Use a basemalt. And for the rest rice. Been reading about using rice.

Check out the minute/instant rice. I believe you don’t need to pre-cook, but then maybe that ups the cost… Sneezles61

Costs are killing me. But hey my hobby. Ready to spent my year bonus in december on grains

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What’s cheaper rice or table sugar. I might toy with adding a combination of sugar and flaked oats to increase abv and hold some body. Not in malty beer though.

Not so bad here rice. A 4 lbs around 2 dollar. Sugar more expensive

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