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Rice flavor in my clone beer

I know u guys dont like brewing light beer or a commercial style clone but i have a question. 3 weeks ago i brewed a bud light clone( all grain). Heres the recipe

6# 2 row
3# minute rice

1oz amarillo
mashed 60 min @152
boiled for 60 min
.5 tsp irish moss.
got the recipe from tasty brew forums

i used safale 23 lager yeast
fermented for 8 days @ 54-55 degrees
then lagered for 2 weeks @ 35

I transfered to keg where i planed to lager an additional 2 weeks while it carbs up.
I tasted it and its got a rice taste to it. Will this tasted mellow out over time or am i stuck with it.

Maybe if im stuck with it u guys could give me a better recipe.

I think that’s dead on for Bud Light. The few times I tried drinking it the main thing I tasted was rice. Add a pound of corn maize next time.

Im gonna brew this again the beginning of next month. So u telling me if i use corn it would be better than rice. You telling me im stuck with the rice taste. lol

If you use corn, you’ll make Miller Lite instead of Bud.

Why don’t you just use some sugar instead? It works great in lighter styles.

I’m surprised you’re getting ‘rice flavor’.
I’ve done some experimental home brewing with rice (I used ‘Poha’ —very thin rice flakes— purchased quite inexpensively at my local Indo-Paki supermarket).
I found that it really made no flavor contribution at all, it just increased the fermentables after mashing.

Corn on the other hand, definitely makes some flavor contribution (a positive one, in my opinion). Quite a few classic British beers feature it as part of the grain bill.

so y’all are saying to use corn? but wait… if rain makes corn, and corn makes whiskey, what does the whiskey do? and why am I crashing your thread to make a bad joke?

I’d probably use corn as well.

Doesn’t matter, you won’t remember in the morning anyhow. :slight_smile:

well guys,
basically im trying to get close to a commercial light beer or even a coors banquet beer as possible. Ive said this before but my dad thinks beer brewing is a waste of good time. So my plans are to brew a beer as close as possible to what he drinks then slowly bring him into other craft beer (GOOD BEER).
My wife drinks michalob ultra. So ill try to satisfy her too. As for as the rice goes its not a over powering taste but its really there. I think next time ill use 7# 2row and 1# flake maize, and shoot for about 14-16 ibu. What yall think ? Would an extract light beer brew work better than a all Grain. I have a Kolsch kit at home to try

I have a friend that is a die hard coors light drinker (as I was until a few years ago). We go to football games and tailgate and once I started brewing he was skeptical, until I brewed a cream ale just for our tailgates. He loved it. Not hoppy, not malty and a little sweet. Now I brew it as my golfing beer because because when you live on a golf course and can take growlers or kegs on your cart, high abv is bad news :cheers:

I also have a creme ale extract kit from NB. Ive been hearing for the last couple months that a creame ale will be the ticket to hook all my light beer drinkers. Thanks , I think i will brew that kit this sunday.

I’ve found that Am. wheats and wits can also be good cross-over beers. Could be they’ve never tasted a quality barleywine or Imperial stout, though. :wink:

Going back to the whole rice flavor, Do yall think the rice flavor will fade away with aging.


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