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Who grows 'em? Gooseberries look good.

Gooseberries always freaked me out a little…spines and hairy fruit :lol:

I do grow currants. Red Lake maybe? Jam and jelly. They like well drained soil.
Also the native golden current. Nice landscape bush. I don’t harvest those.

Ribes is a fantastic group of plants, especially for wildlife benefit.


just scored a dank looking 2nd year Consort Black Currant

looking forward to the berries

I have a couple of red currants that normally produce a ton of berries. Here is some advice with them though.
Net them. Because you can sit there and look at them for a week while they are rippening, but your not the only one who is watching them. Three years now I would look at them in the morning before work and finally decide they are ready, by the time I get home, 98% of them gone to the birds. All in one day.
Seems they would wait till they are just right too.

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