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Anyone ever brew with rhubarb? I have an overactive plant in my back yard and I thought I’d try it. Any suggestions for how much to use or what to rack onto it?

Never brewed with rhubarb but I have tried a rhubarb beer (rhubarb remix) by Westbrook brewing. It was a Berliner Weissbier. It smelled like freshly soiled baby diapers but actually tasted ok. Just be prepared to get some funky aromas from the rhubarb.

wouldn’t the baby diaper be from enterobacter? More as a result of the berliner and its fermentation than the fruit I would think. Not saying the fruit couldn’t give funky aromas/flavors, but if prepped properly, you can probably avoid most/all of them.

I would blanch it, possibly grind it up, freeze, thaw, then add to a wit, berliner, gose, Am. wheat, or a saison. One # per gallon if you have enough. Brew on Sampo.

Believe me, I have enough! I’ve already given away about 10# and you can’t tell! Anyone in Minneapolis want some rhubarb?

I want some

a point of order, when groups of people are talking in plays/musicals, etc. (behind/away from the main character, who is meant to be heard), they will often say the word “rhubarb” over and over again, meant to create a ‘white noise/chatter’ effect. It works pretty well, try it.

My mother has her masters in theatre, so I always think of crowds mumbling “rhubarb” when I walk past our plant.

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