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Rhubarb Ginger Wheat

I had some advice from the NB forum on formulating this recipe, so it only seems fair to share it.

4 lb 2-row
3 lb Belgian Wheat Malt
.5 lb Vienna

.5 lb Rice Hulls

1 oz Cascade (60)
1 oz Cascade (5)
4 oz fresh grated ginger (5)

5 lb Rhubarb, blanched, frozen, thawed (secondary)

Wyeast 1010 American Wheat Ale

Mashed at 152 for 60 min

I’ll probably tweak it just a bit next summer. The rhubarb adds a complex tannic bitterness that surprised me and might hold up to a slightly darker, carmely malt profile. As is, it’s great beer. Dry and super drinkable. Very refreshing.

sounds awesome!

pics please.

Good color for a wheat I think.

thats pretty damn handsome. interesting that the rhubarb didn’t turn it pink.

Wow, I wonder how rhubarb would work in a Berliner Weisse. That would make for an interesting test.

Had the same thought when I was brewing this. Almost pitched some lactobacillus into this batch, but didn’t want to wait :slight_smile:

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