Anybody gonna plant some hops this year? I’m a first timer and I can’t wait for mine to get here!!!
Maybe we can post a thread this spring with everyones growing progress??? Anyone interested?

What varieties did you get? I put in two centennials last year and I’m going to do two cascades this year. Got 8 cones from the cents.

I have a 2nd year nugget going and I am about to plant 4 Tettnang along a fence I just cleared.
I cannot wait until hops take over the entire fence.

I got two Columbus and two Cascade to try out. Gonna try to run them along the fence on the edges of my garden. Does anyone know if deer will eat them? I had to fence garden in to keep them off y stuff. Just curious cause if they do I’ll need to move them in further where they cant get them.

Last year I planted 3 golden nugget. Seems people have not heard of golden nugget, but that’s what they were advertised as. I didn’t use any of the cones from last year but this year I will be using them.

My area is infested with deer, and they didn’t bother my bines last year. Didn’t do anything to fence them or otherwise keep the deer away. I think they would have to be awfully hungry to chose to eat hop plants over other vegetation around them. Unless you by chance have a hophead deer problem? Does anyone know if deer can have a lupulin threshold shift?? If so, I’m in trouble.

I planted Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, and Wilammette last year. I even got a few ounces of cones…

No deer here, but tons of bunnies. They were interested in the early shoots, but I sprinkled some dog hair around, and that kept them away long enough to take off. The beetles were freaking unreal, though. Go out late at night with a flashlight and you’ll be amazed how many of the things are out there.