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Reyeasting Tripel for bottling

Hi all,

It’s finally time to bottle a Belgian Tripel that I’ve had bulk aging in a 5-gallon carboy for about 10 weeks. This is my first big beer and it came out 9.7% ABV. I’ve read mixed reviews on whether or not I need to reyeast. Seeing that Tripels are characteristically highly carbonated beers, I don’t want to take any chances and would prefer to reyeast to be safe. My questions are:

  1. Which yeast should I use? Any, or the same strain that I fermented with (Wyeast 3522)?

  2. How much yeast should I add? Is there a way to measure?

  3. Should I siphon on top of the yeast, like I do with my priming sugar?

I appreciate any advice!

I prefer US-05 for bottling - the amount of priming sugar will not cause the yeast to generate any character so you just want something that can handle the ABV and floccs out. My method is to rehydrate ~1g of yeast per gallon in ~100mL of warm, sterile water, then add 2 mL of slurry to each bottle using a pipette after filling with beer - this ensures a proper dosing (the yeast will settle in the bottling bucket).

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