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Reyeasting a Belgian Strong. How much yeast?

After reading advice in this forum, I picked up a packet of T-50 yeast to pitch at bottling of my Belgian Strong. But how much should I pitch? The whole packet, or would that be overkill? I don’t want a yeast slurry in my bottles.

What conditions exist that makes you feel you need to re-yeast?

Re-yeasting high ABV beers to ensure healthy yeast for carbonation is always a good idea, IME. If you want to minimize sediment, cold-crash for a couple of days, then add up to 5g of dry yeast.

Yes, what Shadetree said. I’ve had trouble carbonating high abv beers in the past, so I searched these forums for this specific recipe and found I would likely have similar issues with this one too. High ABV plus a 6 month secondary conditioning is the situation.

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