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Reviews of Apple Orchard Cider near the Twin Cities

Anyone have any recommendations on where to buy cider in the TC area?

Nbrewer usually does a group buy from a guy out west. Around $3 a gallon a couple years ago, I am not sure if it’s still done. I have a number somewhere although it would take some searching.

Although harvest is many moons out still. Now of course is a great time to research the topic if that’s your aim. Harvest, depending on variety usually starts in late August-September and ends in late October. I have also heard of groups purchasing directly from Pepin Heights during a homebrew meeting/gathering during one of their pressing sessions, I don’t know if there was a quantity requirement or what. I know most orchards add sodium benzoate though as a routine if the product is being sold commercially or shipping outside of the orchard for consumption. You will need to actually arrange to get fresh press in most all cases.

I caught a smaller orchard at the right time in Afton years ago called Whistling Well. Everyone else in that particular area holds apples close to the chest or sells windwalls to the multiple horse farms around the area for good money. These guys sold me 10 bushels of primo 2nds(not a one was a windfall) for cheap and consisted of paula red/ zestar/ crab and it made a mighty fine brew. So I encourage you to do business with these genuine folks, they were super helpful and were actually glad that I called. You can probably arrange to be “IN” on the pressing sessions when they do up thier apples for cider commercial sales. A wee-bit of volunteering might just pave the way to a bit of free cider while your at it?

I got 18gal from

I emailed them in late august and he emailed me 2 days before they pressed. I was able to bring buckets and carboys and fill them directly. I think it was $4-5 a gallon. Unpasteurized. My cider turned out great. It’s a bit of a drive to buffalo, but IMO, worth it.

I think that’s the place NB sourced their fresh press from in the past. I do remember it being out towards buffalo. If he touts being “all organic” then that is one in the same. Real nice guy.

Where does the group buy get posted?

Usually at the store level, the website or warehouse dont have a part in organizing it.

While I have never checked I would think Midwest or H2O brew in Stillwater may focus on things like this also.

there is a group buy with a couple of the homebrew clubs.

I have found people that press themselves and sell what they dont use

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