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Review: Amer. Wheat Xract 2wk Gravity 1.0009

OG. 1.0043 Measured 1.0033 Suggested take gravity reading to make sure fermentation done, so taking a gravity reading for the next 3 days. Fri 1.0009. Didn’t want to throw out the beer used for testing so I put it in a plastic bottle put it in the fridge gonna drink it in a bit. Tasted okay. According to hydrometer I have a beer that is 1.04 ALC (something like that).

Using Brewers Friend Alcohol By Volume calculator; you have a 4.46% beer.

Using an extract kit the OG can reliably be the OG specified for the kit. It is very difficult to get a homogeneous mix of the boiled wort and top off water. The hydrometer sample drawn may be from an area of more concentrated extract or the less concentrated top off water in the wort.

You are right that the hydrometer sample is for taste testing. I had found a site that recommended returning the sample to the fermentor. To save 2 ounces of beer by risking contamination of 5 gallons does not make good sense.

To have a hydrometer reading of 1.009, your fermentation may be done. Two more readings of 1.009 and you will know for sure. Week or two more in the fermentor for sediment to settle and the yeast to clean up you are ready to bottle.

Happy brewing.

Thanks!!! :cheers:

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