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Reversing dials on CO2 Regulator

I purchased a Haier three keg system in December and have just now gotten three kegs into it. However, the CO2 tank with dual guage regulator won’t fit on the shelf (left hand side) and allow three corny kegs unless I turn the tank so the regulator comes out towards the center of the fridge. At this point, I can’t read the dials without a mirror.

Can the dials on the regulator be turned 180 degrees? What’s the process of doing so?


You should be able to simply use a proper sized wrench and carefully turn your gauges in one more quarter turn (or back them out a quarter turn–just be sure to check for leakage in either case). I have the same sort of issue as you, and, also being tired of using a mirror, am considering turning my gauges so I can see them.

Rotate your regulator so the gauges hang “down” instead of pointing “up”…

Sure, you’ll be reading them upside down, and be to the left or right of vertical, due to the radius on the “shoulder” of the tank, but if you’re setup ain’t leaking, I would just rotate the regulator using the tank attach fitting, instead possibly inducing a leak, ( by loosening the gauge) , or possibly cracking the regulator body, ( by over tightening the tapered thread into the body).

Just something I and a couple of Buddies came up with in a fit of “brilliance” whilst consuming Barley Pops and bitchin’ about hard to read gauges. :cheers:

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