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Reverse Osmosis Systems

I have tried to search this particular topic but multitudes of posts list RO water. I have reasonable water from the tap, but a recent bohemian pils with RO water and a little CaCl2 was refreshing (no acid malt, no pH worries) and have started to consider getting a RO system. I was hoping to get an idea of what system works the best. I really only need a small volume (brew once a month or so and maintain a saltwater aquarium). My RA is 48 and most of my brews are belgian or german, with color generated from candi sugar or little caramel malts. I routinely require 1/2lb of acid malt. This is no urgent issue as my product is fine, but fine tuning the process with a RO system may make this easier.

I looked into this and a modest system is something under $200. Thing is, the cost of replacing cartridges and the waste water (half of it goes down the drain) is enough that I decided to just buy RO at Walmart and let them maintain the system.

same here.

RO from Walmart here too. Couple a bucks will fill a 5-6 gallon jug. Cheers!!!

I get mine from grocery store for 39 cents a gallon. Unless I brewed every week, I think this is more cost effective.

I have been using a 50/50 RO mix with my water with good results. But when I use it to make up my Star San it turns cloudy. I think it can depend on the source for your RO water.

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