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Reusing yeast from previous batch

I am looking to reuse dennys favorite 50 from a batch of american brown ale that I made 2 weeks ago for a batch of russian imperial stout (1.086). I have always made starters on a stirplate instead of reusing from another batch. Any tips on how to do this for the first time. My big concern is sanitation. If I syphon of the brown ale off the yeast how will I sanitize the fermentor before I syphon the RIS on to the yeast cake? Also should I syphon a gallon or so of the RIS initially and shake the yeast up to rouse it?

You probably have around 700 billion cells in the whole cake. You need around 350. No worries about rousing it. It’s going to go like a bat out of hell.

I think your better of using half the cake. That way will end up with 50% daughter cells doing the work.

I’ve been using this method for months now with great results. I can usually get between 2-4 next gen batches of yeast from one yeast cake.

I usually do this if/when I rack to secondary. U don’t need much more than a gallon jug and a few mason jars.

I use method #1 to store yeast for up to three weeks. If I keep the turb out of the ferrmenter I get close to one quart. One cup is enough for a normal gravity beer.


I have not found rinsing it with water all that useful.

Mr Malty has a “repitching from slurry” tab.

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