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Reusing the test jar sample

This is my first time making wine -
am i supposed to be tossing out the sample that i pull to check my hydrometer readings on or put it back in the batch. This is my first batch EVER and am on day 5. Thanks.

I believe some people do and some people don’t… If you are going to put it back, in you need to be sure your hydrometer and tube are sanitized. But, I really suggest drinking the sample… I do. It is interesting to see how the beer changes and tastes as it progresses. My last beer was so good I could have easily drank it without carbonation. Be patient, don’t even bother touching it for 7-14 days. I know it is hard, but you will be better off if you give your beer time to do it’s thing an then let it age in the bottle three weeks. Good luck!

I don’t test until around the 2-3 week mark with most of my beers. I don’t taste my first samples on my wine. But, usually taste my wine samples after fermenation has completed. Then drink or dump it. No need to take a chance.

+1 on just making sure your test jar and hydrometer are sanitized. I always soak both in either starsan or sani clean for a few minutes. Sometimes I will drink the sample. It depends on how close to the final gravity it is getting. Bear in mind that towards the end of fermentation you’ve got 12 to 14 percent alcohol in there. Not too many bacteria are gonna make it through that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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