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Reusing from a high gravity recipe?

Hi All, I did use the search function but couldn’t nail the thread I read a while back on reuising yeast from a high OG beer. I believe I read that it will not reproduce well. I just made NB’s Black Ale, OG 1.074, WY1272 American II. Can I wash and reuse this yeast? If not, can you please spain why?
Thanks, Mike

1.074 isn’t too high an OG for reuse. If you’re worried about tired yeast, you could make a starter with a portion of the cake and generate fresh yeast cells or just use a third of the cake for the new batch.

That’s right about my cutoff for reusing. I think you’ll be OK.

Thank you Gents! I’ve had good luck with 1272 with an APA I’ve concoted myself and it’s actually a flavor I’d like to keep on hand between other brews.

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