Reuse Widmer 5 liter minikegs?

I see Widmer and others selling beer in 5 liter mini kegs and wondered if these could be reused since they have a small tap near the bottom.

This thread might be of interest:


[quote=“bunderbunder”]This thread might be of interest:


+1 to the mini keg tap, I have two of them that I use.

You can also reuse the keg without a CO2 setup and dispense through the original tap on the bottom. Just naturally carbonate the keg. Once carbed your ready to drink. Just follow the directions on the top of the keg for dispensing.

Replacement bungs can be purchased here. ... -bung.html

There is also the party star system, but it is somewhat expensive and does not provide the best results. ... apper.html

That’s what I was wondering. So the keg will hold the pressure of naturally carbing by pushing the origional tap back in?

I have a couple of Philtaps that work good, but I thought one of these, perhaps painted to look like a keg would work for gravity feed of British bitter.