Returning to Kegging

Hi All,

I haven’t kegged a beer in about 6 months and have even returned my keg fridge to “normal” refrigerator use. This time around, I’ll be using a chest freezer with a Johnson controller…being new to this kegging technique, I have a question…

Can I just insert the thermostat wire thru the lid of the freezer and close it on the wire, or do I need to drill a hole in the freezer?

I’ll keep it simple at first, simply putting my kegs, CO2 and picnic taps into the freezer, but I’m sure that very soon, I’ll install taps on top…I’ll be looking at your kegerator systems in search of ideas!

don’t drill a hole for the thermostat. it’s fine if you close the lid over it with a little masking tape to hold it down. if your keezer is “extended” up with some 2x4s or 2x6s, jam the wire through two adjoining boards.


Until I did my complete build on the kegerator, I just had the thermostat stuck in under the lid. Good idea as mentioned in the last post is to secure it by taping or something so it doesn’t accidently fall out. Bad things can happen if it did fall out and you did not happen to notice.

There are coils in the walls of the freezer. If you hit one when drilling, you will have a very large paper weight.

It’s not ideal long term, but closing the lid over the probe wire will work. I did this for a couple months until I got around to installing a collar. If the lid does not seal properly, you’ll get increased moisture build-up inside the freezer.

Wonderful…thanks for the answers guys…exactly what I needed to know! I’ve been looking for the “show off your keezer thread”, but can’t find it…any ideas where it is?