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Results from using Candi Sugar

I’m going to brew a Belgian Blonde ale, and the recipe includes 1 lb. of light Candi Sugar.

What impact does this ingredient have on the final taste or ABV of the beer?

Beersmith lists candy sugar with a potential of 1.036/gallon, so that will get you about 7 points in a 5 gallon batch or ~ 1% abv. As for taste it will ferment completely out making the beer dryer and lighter in body.

I just brewed the Lefse Blond kit and it included the candi sugar. From what I’ve read the clear stuff is just regular sugar in fancy crystal form.

Save yourself some $$ and use table sugar in place of the candi sugar. There will be no difference in taste. I’ve done it dozens of times. In fact, most Belgian brewers who use sugar don’t use candi sugar.

good to know. I always run to the asian market to get candi sugar. Won’t waste my time next time.

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