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Resiny Pale Ale Help

I just got my score sheet back from a competition, and the main critique of my American pale ale was that it was resiny. I used 1 oz. German Herkules for the bittering hops, and a 30 minute boil with 1 oz. Cascade. Should I use hops with a lower alpha concentration for the bittering? Use less of it? Any help would be great for a rookie.

Guess I didn’t know that “resiny” was a bad thing! I love beers with a healthy dose of hop resin…


Does it taste resinous to you?

Try moving the Cascades to the very end of the boil and/or at flameout. This will enhance the aromatics of the hops and lead to a much more floral/fruity hop character.

Yeah, there’s a very lingering finish.

Sounds like a good idea, I would like to bring the aroma up too. Thanks!

[quote=“DJSumms”][quote=“Wahoo”]Does it taste resinous to you?[/quote]Yeah, there’s a very lingering finish.[/quote]There should be a lingering bitterness in an APA unless you just don’t want one -do you enjoy the beer? It’s hard to imagine that one oz @ 60 and another @ 30 with no late additions or dry-hopping would be too hoppy.

I was thinking the same thing. unless it was a 1 gallon full boil batch! :lol:

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