Request input on pils malts

I moved recently and find the local homebrew shop near my new home to have a limited selection of malts. They have pils from 3 maltsters: Weyerman German pils , Avangard German pils, and Chateau Belgian pils. Planning to make a tripel soon. Normally I would have used a blend of Best Malz, Durst and mostly Dingemans. I blend to add some subtle complexity but that element isn’t critical.

I’ve never used Avangard German or Chateau Belgian pils malts. Anyone have experience with these ?

(spoiled by living 20 miles from Northern Brewer)


I have not used those brands. That being said…

The very best way to understand how each malt tastes is to “steal” two kernels of each from the shop and chew them up right there on the spot. Purchase your malts based on taste, not based on brand name, as freshness and seasonal changes year to year, etc. can make all the difference.

Good input. This shop has a ‘closed’ grain room. Anyway, I doubt my sense of taste could differentiate good from not so good. Suggests I probably won’t know the difference in the finished beer …

I have been using Avangaard for the past 2 yrs. for lagers, Kolsch, Alt, and Belgians and I really like it. My supplier is 15 mi. away and has good prices. Dave is right about tasting the grains before you buy. I do that to check out the flavor plus their freshness.

I’ve used all 3 and all are very good. Just flip a coin.

I use Avangard Pils, Vienna and Munich. I like them all a lot. Great malt flavors in the finished beer.