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Replace tap on kegerator

I bought a used kegerator through craigslist. The tap never worked, so I’ve used picnic taps to dispense the beer from inside the kegerator.

I’d like to replace the tap on the tower. Anything I need to know? Any recommendations for a good tap?


Perlick are the top of the line.

You may need a faucet wrench to get the faucet off of the shank.

Otherwise it’s an easy swap.

I did the same thing, and just ordered a new double tower and 2 perlick 525’s. It was a single tapper before, and the one that came with the kegerator was a nasty affair (chrome flaking off of, all rusty looking on the inside, crunchy bushings and orings). I’ve been trolling around and these seemed to be the ones everyone recommends. I played hell trying to find a shank that would fit in the tower (length wise), but I work in a machine shop and just cut it down to size.
Shop around and you should be able to find 525’s for $25-$30.

good luck!!

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