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Repitch yeast from slurry and mr malty question

i have some slurry i saved 1/7/14. I plug that into mr malty and get a pitch rate and pitched it. (i think that makes it 2nd gen). anyway, i’m gonna want to save this again and when i use it the next time does the harvest date stay the same (1/7) or do i use the new date (2 weeks from now) and just keep track of times of re-use (planning on 4-5 reuses)?

I use the date active fermentation ended for the new production date when I repitch harvested yeast.

+1 sort of… I use the a date that’s either the day of pitching or the day after. My thinking is the yeast is in its growth phase shortly after pitching. Once visual fermentation starts the growth phase is over, so in my mind at that point the yeast is aging. But really, either date should work. We’re only talking about a 1-2 week difference.

My 2nd and 3rd generations have always been strong and robust and finish well. But I have always used them within a 7-10 day dormancy. I have heard of longer just not experienced it myself. I have always went by the theory they were waiting to devour their next task. I’ve heard they eventually poop out, but I’ve not experienced that either. Don’t know if that’s a help.

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