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Removing yeast from the carboy

Here’s a simple question that I have no idea how to answer:

How do I get the yeast cake out of my 6 gallon carboy and without contaminating it?

I want to reuse a portion of my 2206 yeast cake for another stronger batch. I usually just drop my next batch right on top of the yeast but my next batch, in this case, won’t need the entire yeast cake from the previous beer.


boiled and cooled water. Pour it in the carboy, swirl, and pour into a sanitized jar. You can repeat this to get the yeast that doesn’t come out on the first swirl.

Thanks. I made a Vienna lager with a gravity of 1.056 and was hoping to use the yeast for a Maibock with est. OG of about 1.064. I’m thinking about saving half the yeast and dropping the Maibock on top of the other half. Does that sound about right? Mr. Malty is a litlte unclear in this regard.

Thanks again for the help.

I don’t add anything to the carboy, I always have just a little bit of beer left at the bottom so a swirling of the carboy, quick flame on the lip of the carboy then dump a few oz out to the drain then more into a jar does the trick for me. You don’t want the yeast on the very bottom of the carboy. They tend to be the first flocc’ing yeast so you might get a stalled ferment the next time.

Speaking of flaming the lip of a fermenter…here’s how it’s done at Sierra Nevada…

WOW! I could never do that in pink boots :lol:

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