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Removing hops

I have grown out of my hops growing phase and wish to remove them in favor of repurposing the area. any suggestions on the easiest way to totally remove the plants.

they’re rhizomes so you have to dig them up. Or you could just cut them down and then spread some pre-emergent poison like ‘preen’ over them.

Preen wont do Jack to stop a Hop. Like you said it is a rhizome. Preen stops seeds from germinating but it cant stop a rhizome. If you want to go organic, dig all you can out of the ground and then cover the area all summmer with black plastic. That will kill the root. If you are impatient like me just cut them way back and round up the heck out of them. You may have to keep at it for a bit as distal roots try to sprout in a last gasp effert but you can kill them this way.


I ended up using a brush killer ie. poison ivy killer. sprayed it on the plant in full growth maturity. this type of killer goes from the leaf down to the root. must spray on leaves. the entire plant starved and died. I cut it back and re-sprayed any root sprouts that emerged. it was done for by the end of fall.

I moved some a few years ago but must have left some rhizomes in the ground as they kept coming back up. I was only letting the area go back to grass so I just ignored them and kept cutting with lawnmower. After one season, they did not come back.

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