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Take a moment this weekend to remember all who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Truth. We get a long weekend because some gave all.

I remember my great uncle Leonard (Marine Raider, WWII), and my father in law Rick (Navy, Vietnam)

Thankfully, the rest in my family are still here today.

Dulce et decorum est . . . meminisse

Here’s to fighting pointless wars! Cheers!

We’ve had some pointless wars, and many good men fought and died in them. The missguided politicians who started those wars are not the ones being honored on Monday.

Memorial Day is for the heroes who suffered in all our wars, including my missguided great-great-grandfather who fought for the Confederacy.

Then, there are the wars such as the Civil War, World War II, and Korea that were needed to save large portions of the World from unimaginable horror.

Please, don’t confuse the politics behind wars with the heroes who fought those wars.

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