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Not brewing related but I may be moving to the MPLS/St. Paul area for graduate school. Any suggestions on safe places to move (married with 2 small boys)?

P.S. New to the forum but I’ve been brewing for 4 years and usually hang out at

Where are you going to grad school? How close do you want to be to school? Renting or buying?

Saint Mary’s University. I would like to rent a house and would be fine with about a 15-20 minute drive. Not knowing traffic up there, I’m not sure how far out that would be.

thats a loaded question.

my only advice is to check out the neighborhood at 3-4 times at different times and different days.

a few blocks one direction or another can make a huge difference in neighborhood.

I agree :wink:

Is your family moving from a bigger metro, same size metro, smaller town or rural? Which would you prefer to reside? Close to rural would be at least 40 minutes on a good day.

If you have kids in school. Start there because some districts are wacko.

You could live blocks away from three great homebrew suppliers and still be 15 minutes from St. Mary’s. If renting, make sure and have your own parking because the winter parking rules will make you lose your mind.

Minnesota nice: An invitation to “Come over some time” is genuine but we just don’t tell you where we live.

And please don’t forget, this is the state where absolutely nothing is allowed.

Good Luck!

Hmmm…Loaded question indeed because everyone’d definition of a “good neighborhood” may be different. The area around the school (which I had to google) is not my cup of tea. It’s a perfectly livable area and would be cheap but I have many other spots I would rather be if it were up to me. As is typical with most cities anything around water will be nicer but probably more expensive. I think Lake Harriet is more family oriented. Lake Calhoun and Uptown is more hipster trendy. Lake of the Isles and Cedar are very expensive. Lake Nakomis area is real nice and more moderately priced.

I really like the chunk of neighborhoods where I live which is in between Hiawatha Avenue and the river with Lake Street and 46th St to the North and South. The Light Rail line runs right up Hiawatha to Downtown and out to the Mall and the Airport. There are a good mix of more expensive houses and more rentable houses and it is a pretty low key neighborhood.

Thanks for the info. School districts would be where we start as our oldest would be starting kindergarten next fall. I currently live in a town of about 100,000 not including the surrounding areas and I expect to get a little more metro than where we are now, so I guess rural is out if it means driving 40 min. I would like to know what things are not allowed there.

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