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Reinhardt Brew #3 Kama Citra IPA

Hello again,

So my Honey Kolsch is in the Bottles. The Kama Citra is in the secondary for 1 week. I just dropped the dry hop addition. So now I have a question… the Hop pellets have turned in to a mush floating on top. Will these eventually sink to the bottom? I’m planning to Bottle next week. It will be hard to get a clean transfer to the Bucket if these are still on top.

The hop pellets will become saturated and drop out. I’m using this hop catcher in case any debris makes it through the auto siphon.

Second image didn’t come through. Click on “Niffty little gadget”.

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It won’t help you this time, but may be something to consider in the future. I usually toss a hop bag(s) into boiling water for about 15 min. then put the hops for dry hopping in the bag(s) and drop them into the fermenter. It makes it easy to retrieve the hops or just to keep them from clogging the transfer tube. Make sure the bag is plenty big for the hops you are using so that they don’t form a clump and severely reducing the effectiveness of the hops. This method is probably not as efficient as just putting the hops directly into the beer, but makes it easier to deal with.

Paint strainer bags work great for this. I just dip the bag in starsan prior to filling with the hop pellets.

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