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Reinforced Silicone Tubing?

Anyone have any experience with the reinforced silicone tubing?

Does it stretch like regular silicone tubing? I bought some 3/4” barbed fittings as I know regular silicone will stretch but like the idea of using the reinforced tubing. But I want to make sure it will stretch as I need 25-50’ which can be pricey.
Thanks all!

It will stretch enough for your barbed ends. I use a lot of it on the pilot system and some transfer lines with any issues. The reinforcement is more for high pressure but its still soft enough to work with and put barbed ends on.

I’m thinking 3/4” barb on 1/2” reinforced silicone… that will work?

Thanks @damian_winter. I’ve never dealt with the reinforced hosing.

Me got some for my kegurator. And co2 lines. Works good

Seems like expensive tubing to use for a gas line…

Seems like a good option for my “wort out” connection on my chiller which seems to want to fold over and limit flow not that it’s a couple years old…may be time to replace it with the reinforced…

Seems expensive though…$10/foot on amazon?

That’s what I’m shooting for. Regular silicone tubing gets soft when used for wort chilling.

I’ve found it cheaper Here.

I was thinking of just slipping a big spring inside the end of the hose…haha

Not really. For free. We use lots of these hose at the dive shop

really? why silicone?

At the hotel part of the diveshop they use it. Cheapass plumbing

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I’ve done something similar, although not for my pump/chiller. I use silicone for my blowoff/airlock on my fermenters. Though, I prefer to put my spring on the outside… :stuck_out_tongue:it does stop it from kinking.

haha…there’s an idea. Of course in my scenario I’d sanitize it first.


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