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Rehydrating Yeast

I know this question comes up a million times but I have been using all of these calculators and none of them have an option for just rehydrating the yeast only calculations for starters. I guess here is my question, I am about to brew a beer with an OG of 1.061 and the calculators say I would need 1.4 packets of dry yeast.

Since I am rehydrating the yeast should I use 2 packs or just one…my process for rehydrating is boiling a cup of water, letting it cool to 95 degrees, dropping the yeast in, stiring, letting it cool to 70 degrees.


I would just use two packets. A bit more or a bit less is not going to ruin your brew.

I don’t use dry yeast very often, but when I have used it I’ve done it with both rehydrating it and sprinkling it in dry…and there was little or difference in the yeast’s performance or in the end results.

1.061? How much volume? 5 gallons? 1 pack is plenty. If your gravity was more like 1.080, then I would say 2 packs, but you are nowhere near that much. Calculators are always way over-conservative IMHO. You can always safely round down a little bit.

Sorry forgot to add that, 5.5 gallons (want to account for trub). OK, sounds like I just need one packet then so that is what I am going to roll with and see what happens, THANKS Dmtalo2!

I use one pack, unrehydrated, for beers up to about 1.070-75. No problems.

Awesome, thanks Denny, always like getting your stamp of approval :cheers:

Awesome, thanks Denny, always like getting your stamp of approval :cheers: [/quote]

Time to get a copyright on “Denny’s stamp of approval?” :wink:

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