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I have the basic regulator that kegconnection sells. I was low on dough so i went with this rather than the taprite regulator system. Last night was my first kegging experience. The one thing that I noticed is that the pressure adjuster was a bit finicky at lower psi levels (keg psi) and then more consistent at higher pressures. Is this a product of me buying the cheaper regulator? Also, i was wondering if someone could explain why the taprite regulator is better (other than the twist knob for the pressure adjustment).

Be sure to close your output valve when adjusting pressure, that way only the small amount of space in the regulator has to come to pressure instead of the whole keg.

I wish this were the issue, but the valve was closed. Anything under ten and the adjustment screw basically just turns loose with no further adjustments occurring.

When I am lowering mine I have to unscrew, flip the little valve that releases the pressure in the regulator, then I can increase it.

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