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Regulator Woes

My dual gauge regulator is acting screwy. For some reason, when I set the PSI setting to my desired setting it creeps either up or down. The screw is down so there is no chance of the screw getting bumped either up or down.
Also, any tips on getting the PSI dialed in without the creep?
I cannot figure it out! This is a new regulator too.

Temperature can play a HUGE factor in pressure, especially in a small enclosed system such as a keg setup. My fridge AIR temps swing by about 10-15F while maintaining LIQUID temps within a few degrees. That 10-15F swings will make the pressure on your regulated/low side vary a slight amount. If it is any more than a pound or two, you may have bigger issues.

Possible to have a little more fermentation going on to cause rising pressure or a leaky keg causing falling pressures. <---Go to the section about "Pressure-Temperature Law"

Also, make sure you set your desired pressure when the keg is connected. Sometimes I dial in my pressure, then when I connect it and the gas flows, it creeps off of my intended target.

If you’re carbing up a beer, you can always set it high and disconnect.

Do you get this more in the summer? I get some creep when the garage is hot. (My tank is outside the fridge.) If yours is inside the fridge then this isn’t an issue.

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