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Regulator Leak?

This is my first time using a kegging kit, and there seems to be something odd going on. I force carbonated for two days @ 20psi, relieved the pressure, lowered the PSI to 10and then tested. The beer was carbonated and flowed nicely. I set it aside leaving the co2 tank valve open.

After a while I came back to it and noticed a faint hissing. After leak testing the connections I did not notice a leak, but still could hear a noticeable hiss. I then turned off the tank, lowered the dispense psi and disconnected from the keg. To test I closed the check valve on the regulator, opened up the main valve on the tank and turned the set screw to about 10psi. Again I heard the hissing, and leak tested the connections. Still no noticeable leakage. I would like to mention that when I did turn the set screw there was an audible “groan” sound when the regulator was pressurizing.

There is still a hissing sound when I am running co2 out of the regulator whether the check valve is open or closed. I am not sure if this is a normal noise to have, though I seem to have lost a lot of pressure in my tank in only 2 days time. I am not sure what direction to take for troubleshooting/resolving this issue anymore.

Could this be a bad regulator?

It appears I may have found an answer, blown/bad regulator diaphram…probably cause by my own negligence :slight_smile:

Guess I will be getting a repair kit and trying that out. ... r-kit.html

I’ve had a regulator leak from the tank pressure gauge. After taking it apart, found out that the tiny line going to the gauge had been creased.

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