Regulator keeps creeping up PSI. Fixable?

I was force carbing a keg of hefeweizen and set my regulator at 50psi (I was in a hurry). It carbed up overnight, but ever since, I can’t get it to stay at a lower level. Even when I don’t have my gas connected to a keg, and it’s just going from tank to regulator, to a closed distributor, I loosen the screw all the way (setting it at 0psi) and pull the pressure release valve on the regulator. It then starts to rise from 0 to 12 over the course of 30 seconds, then from 12 to 60 over the next hour. Then it triggers the pressure release valve on its own, and just bleeds CO2 into my kegerator.

I’ve disassembled the regulator, teflon taped all the connections, reassembled it, and checked it for leaks, and it’s still doing this.

Anybody know how to fix this or have resources I should consult? Or suggestions of what kind of place I could take it to have it looked at?

Check with a local welding supply house, as they usually have sources to rebuild regulators…Check with them first, and see if their shop can or will do a CO2 regulator…And get a guesstimate on a price, you may be cheaper buying another. :o

Took it to the local welding supply shop (and gas distributor). They immediately recognized signs of a faulty diaphram. They told me that diaphrams shouldn’t go bad for quite a few years and suggested that I contact the retailer. I called the well-known homebrew supply shop and right away they offered to send out a new one. The gas supplier said that the diaphram is the most expensive part of the regulator.