Regulator is Blowing Out

I a double CO2 regulator. A couple of years old. Everything was working fine until I had my CO2 tank refilled. I hooked it up, turned on the gas and it is bursting through the regulator - blowing out the release vales and sending all the gauges to the top. Assuming something is wrong with the regulator but am trying to figure out what. Any input appreciated.

maybe someone with more info will chime in, but i work with air regulators all the time for work and when they sit for time the spring in the body gets stuck in the open position and then they bleed of pressure. :shock: i don’t know if co2 regulaters are the same but my air ones sell repair kits for. That is a bummer hope you can find some more help here. Cheers

I just had the same problem. One keg kicked and I took it off my set up and then rehooked it to run some water through the tap. Next thing I know the pressure keeps going up and it’s leaking out the release valve. I turned both regulators off completely. Then turned the one regulator back up for the one keg. Seems to have worked. I’m guessing its an issue with the change to the system throwing everything out of equilibrium.