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Regulator Creep

My drinking has slowed quite a bit this year and with that I have found that my regulator creeps up in pressure after a few days of no use. Eventually, this leads to a few kegs being over carbed and a real PITA to pour a good pint. Does anybody else ever notice this and is there a fix? I have been shutting the gas off to remedy this but then if I forget to turn it back on, I risk not having enough pressure in a certain keg to make the Ventmatic faucet seal shut and a lot of beer may dribble out.

I would have to assume an issue with the regulator. What else could it be?

[quote=“dobe12”]I would have to assume an issue with the regulator. What else could it be?[/quote]Oh yes for sure the issue is with the regulator. My buddy had the same problem. It’s annoying. Maybe I need to see if I can take the regulator apart and clean it.

Simply taking mine apart and putting it back together fixed mine.

The only time I have seen major creep was when I am nearing empty tank/s and it will go from 12 towards 18-20PSI, But I am not sure if that is just false pressure/liquid/object in flow or something. The gas guys had no answer to this either.

Because of the fact I am not sure where its at when tanks are nearing empty or other, I now made a simple separate 0-30 gauge that connects post regulator on a swivel nut to check the serving pressure occasionally or if something seems offish.

This came in handy right away as I made sure the 0-60 gauge on the main reg was reset at 12PSI and when hooking up the checker it showed the dispensing pressure was actually 14PSI. So I bought a new 0-30 for the main unit also which is dead on now.

The op is as follows.
a. 1/4" male flare fitting to 1/4" MPT.
b. 1/4" FPT “T” fitting.
c. 0-30 gauge on top.
d. 1/4" MPT needle valve.

You could omit the “T” fitting and needle valve and just use a 90 degree street elbow to connect “A” and “C” But I feel the needle valve gives me the control to gauge true running pressure.

I will post a photo later.

I was having the same issue with my Chudnow two-keg regulator from Keg Connection. I would turn it to 10-12 psi and by the next morning it would creep to 18-20. Even with the screw all the way out, you could watch the needle creep w/o being attached to a keg. I took the regulator body apart, cleaned it and applied some silicone lube to the screw and diaphragm and that seems to have fixed the issue.

I own a Cornelius style on my main 20# and use an old taprite for my 5# and never had issue other than the mentioned recent faulty gauge.

Good to hear that a simple reman with lube did the trick for a few of you.
I was just looking at HBT and this clean out reman was just mentioned also for kegco style regulators in some cases.

Muller do let us know the outcome. Sorry to hear about the kegs, here you think all is well and good and some darn reg/gauge ruins the day/beer. Bummer man I would be pissed as I would then have to go buy commercial beer until they found equilibrium.( Not a regular occurrence around the possible household!). I mean its not time to dump or anything obviously but still a major PITA.

As someone else mentioned my Taprite only creeps when the tank gets low. I don’t get that but there it is…

Well, I was going to dis-assemble my regulator tonight but a couple other things came up. I’ll definitely have a look at it by the weekend. Thanks for all your input guys. I’ll post back with my findings. The beer is still drinkable; it just requires a very careful pour.

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