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Regular column tower vs T tower on kegerator

I am going to upgrade from 2 to 3 faucets and just wondering if anyone has any experience/opinions about a T tower vs a regular column tower?

I cannot comment on the column tower because I have not used one. I put in a T tower for my 3 taps. Part of my decision was that the T box gives you space to work inside. The regular tower looked cramped to me. I was also concerned about my tap handles. Some are big and tall and I thought they would collide at the top on a column. My wife found me a T tower online from a company that recovers equipment out of closed bars. Was used but still good quality and the stainless steel cleaned up nicely. I also wanted the colum space because I ran my lines inside copper tubing down I to the kegerator to help draw the cold up the lines and not use a fan set up. PM me and I can send you photos if my build.
I have been very happy with the T tower and prefer having the taps in a row.

The standard 3" column towers are pretty cramped. I bought a 4" one from ACUMetalFab 7+ years ago and I love it. They have a lot of different drip trays as well to fit the larger flange at the bottom.

I highly recommend them. If I were doing 4 faucets or more, then I’d go to a “T” setup. But that’s just me.
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