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Refrigerator Suggestions

I’ve started kegging and need to get a refrigerator. I’m trying to decide on what type to get and was looking for some advice.

My goals:
-Refrigerate 2 Cornelius kegs (hold two kegs, upright, and 5# CO2 tank at 30-50 degrees)
-Ferment lager in 5gal or 6.5gal glass carboy.
-Store brewing ingredients

It seems to me, the options are:
-A side-by-side refrigerator (store beer in freezer side, ferment lager and store ingredients in refrigerator side
-Chest freezer - Store kegs and carboy for fermentation. Keep everything at one temp set by fermentation requirements
-Top/bottom freezer - Store kegs and carboy for fermentation in refrigerator (neither will fit in the freezer) and run freezer warm to store but not freeze brewing ingredients.

It seems to me that a side-by-side would be the best options as most of the equipment I have needs to be upright and the refrigerator and freezer often have close to the same amount of cubic space. A chest freezer would work and probably be the cheapest but realistically would let me ferment a lager and cool beer to drink (unless I want to drink 45-50 degree beer). A bottom/top freezer seems like it would function like a chest freezer as the freezer itself would be a waste of space (I can’t fit a carboy or keg in there.

I’d also like to have the option of fitting a commercial keg in my equipment at some point but that’s not exactly required.

Anyone have any advice or suggestions?

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