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Refrigerator only to 45 as the high for my lager

I am making my first lager. NB recommends a primary temp of 58, my frig will only go to 45 as a high. Any suggestions? The secondary temp is 35-40. I can go that low.

You need an external thermostat to regulate higher temperatures for fermentation. There are some available to be wired up pretty cheap, or you can get them pre wired for “plug and play”. Google external thermostat and you will find your answer. Otherwise, I think you would have to plug in and then unplug your refrigerator periodically to replicate the same function. If you use a swamp cooler, you could achieve similar results rotating frozen water bottles.

Good luck!

Yes, that will be too cold.

I don’t know what the temperatures are where you live, but in my already cool basement in new hampshire, I have no problem maintaining lager fermentation temps by swapping out ice packs in a swamp cooler.

Remember that the temperature of the fermenting beer is what you want to control, not the environment.

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