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Refrigerator for fermentation chamber?

Hello my chest freezer just die. So I going to use a refrigerator now I just wanting to know when I go to use my temp controller on my refrigerator How many degrees of differential should I set my controller to so I don’t burn out my refrigerators compressor?

I had the same concerns and generally leave it at between three and five depending on where I am in fermentation. More precise early on …more relaxed later in the process.

Point of clarication…if I had a newer fridge, I would probably go with a dif of 2. My fridge is quite old and sits in our hot garage. So 3 for me during active fermentation. 1 I believe would be too short, hard on the compressor.

Jeez I need to proofread these things…CLARIFICATION

Also, put the probe in glycerin gel… It’ll stop the vehement temp swings, thusly saving your freez-mentor… Sneezles61

Check the instructions / settings on your controller. Some have a delay setting on the cooling side. I have a 10 minute delay…meaning the controller won’t kick on the power to the cooling side more than once every 10 minutes.

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