Refrigerant leak

I was defrosting my Danby kegerator and heard the dreaded hiss of a leak. I can see the hole in the panel/tubing in the back. Can this be welded or patched and recharged, or am I now left with a $500 paperweight?

Most likely the latter

You should be able to have it fixed. Tubing can be cut and soldered, fittings can be replaced.

This leak is in the panel in the back of the unit. It has the “tubing” embedded in a metal panel. It is this panel that has a hole. From what I understand, if this is aluminum, I am screwed. Danby has not been helpful.

Yeah, doesn’t sound good then. You might be out of luck.

Well, it may not be fixable as is, but possible maybe to modify it to work still.

It’s just tubing going from a compressor to a condenser and back to compressor pretty much right?
Maybe a really good service guy could run new lines from compressor to condenser, or add a new internal condenser inside the box near top rear or such.