Refractometer help

I am interested in buying a refractometer,I just don’t know the ones to consider,and the ones to stay away from. What is good and what is junk?

Look for a model with ATC, make sure it’s for beer/wine, and spend about $30-$40 and you’ll be happy.

Are the ones from N.B. good? What do you think of the vee gee brand?

I’m sure the ones from NB are good.

I purchased the cheapest one I could find on Ebay. It was ~$30, but has a plastic case.

I would not have a reservation when buying the ~$20 one on Ebay, no plastic cases. :frowning: ... 564a597015

Like mentioned, get one with ATC (automatic temp correction).

I bought this one from Amazon back in May and I’ve been happy with it: ... 06_s00_i00

Much cheaper than you find from homebrew shops normally.

Originally I was tempted to buy one with a SG scale, but I decided that’s totally unnecessary. Glad I went that way.

That looks like mine too. Very nice.

Thanks everyone. I bit the bullet and ordered a vee gee with ATC. Hope it serves me well.